Health and Safety Update Due to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the world around us is changing rapidly. What has not changed, however, is our commitment to provide customers with services that are essential to keeping their homes safe and comfortable. We want you to be assured, we are still available to assist with your indoor comfort needs during these unprecedented times. Below are some precautions we already take, as well as new ones we have added.

Technician Protocol and Safety Measures

  • Team members are no longer permitted to assemble at Headquarters. Technicians only come to the shop momentarily to restock their trucks.
  • All team members must use a new set of one-time-use gloves and booties (shoe covers) at each customer’s home. Tools and equipment are sanitized before and after each job.
  • All team members are required to wear their washable face mask when entering each customer’s home.
  • All trucks are equipped with hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes/spray, and antibacterial soap. All team members wash their hands thoroughly after each job.
  • Customers no longer are signing our electronic devices as we move toward a contactless experience.
  • Customers can still count on us greeting them with a smile, but we no longer shake hands or have physical contact.

Additional Office Protocol and Safety Measures

  • Our office is no longer accepting visitors during this time to help minimize the risk of exposure and keep everyone healthy.
  • Our Dispatching team is required to ask a pre-screening questionnaire while booking each visit to help ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Our entire team is closely monitoring our health. To date, there have been no cases of anyone exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19. If a team member is presenting any symptoms, or someone living in their home is exhibiting symptoms, they will be self-quarantined. As a further precautionary measure, any other team members they have come into contact with them will be self-quarantined as well, for the protection of our community.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our neighbors and team, and we are determined to be here to assist you when the need arises. We sincerely ask that you answer our pre-screening questions honestly and thoughtfully. If we all do our part, we can minimize the effects that this will have on our health and economy.

We look forward to getting through this time by working together and carefully following CDC regulations and recommendations.