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Keeping your home's heating and cooling system tuned-up and running properly is one of the best things you can do for your home, both from a comfort perspective as well as a financial one.

Over the course of the next 12 months, your home's heating and cooling system can easily run for 3,200 hours.  Comparing that to a vehicle running at 45 miles per hour for that long of a period, your looking at putting the equivalent of over 140,000 miles on your unit during the next year.  Performing a system tune-up at the beginning of each heating and cooling cycle is like giving your system an oil-change and making sure it's road worthy before going on a long trip.

Small problems can be detected long before they turn into big, expensive problems when temperatures are likely at their worst and when it's most inconvenient for you. George Cunningham maintenance plans are designed to lower operating costs and increase comfort and peace of mind. We offer a fully customizable preventative maintenance plan that meets your needs.

Silver Membership$12.95/month

  • Guaranteed Service
    within 48 Hours
  • 2 Precision Tune-ups
  • 5% Discount on Repairs
  • $25 Off Diagnostic Fees

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Gold Membership $19.95/month

  • Guaranteed Service
    within 24 Hours
  • 2 Precision Tune-ups
  • 10% Discount on Repairs
  • 50% Off Diagnostic Fees
  • $50 Accrual

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Platinum Membership $29.95/month

  • Guaranteed
    #1 Priority Service
  • 4 Precision Tune-ups
  • 20% Discount on Repairs
  • No Diagnostic Fees
  • $100 Accrual
  • 25% Discount on Accessories

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All plans include:

  • Priority Service
    (Faster Response Time)
  • Annual or Bi-Annual Services
  • Optional Air Filter Service
  • No Service Call Charge on Scheduled Inspections
  • Never Any Overtime Charges
  • Repair Part Discount
  • Build Up Purchase Accrual
  • Discount On IAQ Products